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MooMilk - mission is to promote dairy though education and interaction that's fun.  They also have a super Frequently Asked Questions page.  Go see 'em!
The Story of Milk

Creamland Dairy's Kids Page:


Why Milk.com and Gotmilk.com:  Send e-postcards, screensavers, 
see the celebrity milk ads, join Club Milk.

Nutrition Explorations Kids Page
Very good kids page, with activities and games and great graphics!


Drink Milk
"No doubt about it - the teenage years can be especially confusing. Your body is growing at warp speed! There seems to be more questions than answers, and life is full of both endless beginnings and constant changes. How do you stay steady when everything else is changing? A good start is eating right and feeling fit - both provide the power to help you perform your best." 

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