Dairy Producers of New Mexico
President's Letter
Allen G. Squire
September, 2010

Once again change is coming to America. I can see a major shift in attitude among farmers, ranchers, dairymen and other small businesses, the “can-do people” when it comes to correcting things that are going terribly wrong. Interestingly, the current administration in Washington, as well as many of the state governments, has turned a deaf ear to the people and they still do not see the political tsunami coming on November 2nd. We the people have been guilty of delegating our governance to those we have elected and have not chosen to look over their shoulder to see how they were performing their job. It would be analogous to one of us hiring a whole new shift of milkers, putting them in the barn without supervision, then being dissatisfied with the results.

The Tea Party is encouraging people to unite with others with common concerns and ideals to take their future back. I realize that sending notices to the 107 vendors in my “Bills Paid” drawer to encourage them to vote for candidates with conservative constitutional values is simply more preaching to the choir. However, we need to realize that the takeover of our state and federal governments by the out of control environmental movement, the ”tax the rich and redistribute their money to everyone else so that you can get reelected” group, the “Cap and Trade” poverty plan made for all of us “rich” Americans by the ruling elite are all a reflection of our being too busy in our daily lives to check up on our employees in the halls of Congress and in our own Statehouse and to rein them in when necessary. Help yourselves this year! Encourage your employees and your vendors to vote for the candidates who are pro business. Give them time off to vote if necessary. Make sure that people who need rides to vote get the ride they need. Make sure all of your employees are encouraged to vote for the candidates who are pro business, not those who have proven themselves to be in favor of more and more regulation, taxation and government intimidation. Your business and their jobs are probably on the line.

I am sensing that the Tea Party attitude is also having an impact on our own industry. There are many competing solutions for the National Dairy Crisis, which continues even though we have a short respite in terms of milk price this fall. None of the current proposals will have any impact before the 2012 Farm Bill, two years from now! Recently AgriBusiness Dairyman in conjunction with Dairy Farmers Working Together have kicked off a drive to unite dairymen across the country with a common goal, to have a unified voice to achieve a sustainable milk price. This could possibly be what we have been trying to accomplish for years. Watch for information on how you can assist yourself and others in unifying the dairy industry. Volunteer! Communicate! The business you save may be your own!