Dairy Producers of New Mexico
President's Letter
Gary Bonestroo
May/June, 2006

Greetings, fellow dairymen and women. Hope everybody is doing great. I want to take time to congratulate all the high school and college graduates. You have all done a great job, and we are proud of you. Hope you have a fun summer. You will have a lot of new challenges and rewards, new people to meet and places to see in your future. So make the best of it and remember the choices you make now may affect you the rest of your life.

Now that summer is here, my favorite time of year, the kids will be home, and it will give us time to spend with them. Vacations and time spent together are always a good thing.

The next few months should be challenging for us dairymen and the situation that we are in because someone has turned off the fun button. We ask ourselves, who could that be? We are the ones that turned it off with all our dairies maxed out. With herds setting record production per cow. Of course, we think that all the over production is from the new dairy herds, but a certain percentage is from external growth.

Of course, we have all been whining about our situation with the milk price. We knew it was coming but seeing 10.68 advance really sent it home. We need to think about all the blessings we do have along with the good things and not dwell on the bad. Example-- this past weekend I had friends and family over to ride dirt bikes and four wheelers etc. It made me realize that we have nothing to really cry about. We have our family and friends. I think about how lucky I am. I have a beautiful wife, smart and funny too, and four great children. It is time to thank God for what we have and not what we are not getting. Looking around, I do not think too many of us are in too much of a hurt. We must remember if we did not have the Southwest Cheese plant, we would really be SOL and looking at 50 cents to a $1.00 less. So count your lucky stars.

June is dairy month. We are excited about our Annual Producer Convention. It starts with a board meeting on the 15th and then there's a producers meeting on the 16th and a golf tournament on the 17th. It will be a fun and informative meeting. The Greater Southwest Agency will give a "state of the agency" report at the producer's meeting. They will be there so you can ask any questions about the current situation in our industry. Hope to see you all at the meeting. It is always a great way to learn and to socialize with dairy producers from across the state. Enclosed is a pre-registration form. Be sure to fill it out and send it in if you have not done so already.

Remember those questionnaires that Robert Hagevoort handed out at the district meetings on what you want help with from our dairy extension specialists? There will be more available at the Annual Convention if you did not receive one.

The United Dairy Women are hosting New Mexico's 1st Dairy Fest on June 24, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Curry County Fair Grounds. Dairy Fest is a celebration of our industry and June Dairy Month. They will be providing free dairy products (cheese burgers, grilled cheese, ice cream, yogurt and milk) to the entire community. In addition to free food and games, Dairy Fest will feature country music artist, "The Bellamy Brothers" as entertainment.

They are asking for your support to help make this event a success. They are in need of funds and volunteers. If you would like to contribute to Dairy Fest, please make your checks payable to the United Dairy Women and mail to 2508 N. Prince, PMB 175, Clovis, NM 88101. If you'd like to volunteer to help serve dairy products or work a booth, please contact Michelle Heavyside at 1-877-LUV-MILK by Jun e 1st. We truly appreciate your support of Dairy Fest. They hope that you will join them in the celebration.