Dairy Producers of New Mexico
President's Letter
Allen G. Squire
February, 2009

Get to know the people you elected to represent you in Santa Fe and be sure that they know who you are and what your business means to your local community. Often the legislative process is so complex that many legislators are not completely aware of all the ramifications of a proposed bill. Whether you talk to them at home or call or see them in Santa Fe make sure they understand the impact on you and your business and on your employees of proposed legislation.

Together we have shown that we can make a difference. Even though the “friendly faces” for agriculture and business have dwindled significantly in recent elections, we in business and agriculture are still a very important economic force in this state.

Let your legislators know the importance of locally produced food, both from a food safety perspective and the impact of production dollars in the local economy. Most of your legislators are not from agriculture backgrounds and do not understand all of the effects of over regulation and over taxation on the food supply and the general economy.

For information on how to contact your local legislators in Santa Fe or at home, please feel free to contact the DPNM office and they can help you.

To reiterate my closing comments from last months’ Udder Report, please join me in thanking Sharon, Kaye, Susan and Beverly for their monumental efforts at home and in Santa Fe on our behalf. We are so fortunate to be represented by them. Thank you!!