Dairy Producers of New Mexico
President's Letter
Allen G. Squire
August, 2010

Simple solutions from those of us who solve problems on a daily basis...while our politicians politic.

Milk Pricing
Since, as we are told, the surplus of milk and dairy products is the only reason that our milk prices are unsustainable, we need to identify the true surplus (1-3%). Let’s make that our charity milk to be donated to food programs and disaster relief. It must NEVER reach the warehouses of the processors, so that it will never have a negative impact on the milk price like the “Cold Storage Reports” do on a monthly basis. The dairies producing the surplus should pay for the hauling, processing and storage as it awaits delivery to those less fortunate and disaster victims. New Mexico’s Roadrunner Food Bank claims they cannot even find any of the current “excess milk and cheese.” It is not available.

Our coops, who are being paid handsomely for marketing our milk, should already be doing this. If they were, milk price would not be an issue!

CAFO’s and Carbon
Those of us in animal agriculture are somewhat at fault when we buy into the politicized “global warming from excess carbon dioxide” storyline. In a recent study published by Stanford University researcher Jennifer Burney, it was shown that high intensity agriculture when compared to 1940’s style farming (or current organic methods) may have saved over 600 billion tons of CO2 emissions, equal to 1/3 of all the CO2 emitted from the entire Industrial Revolution since 1850. They showed that grain-fed finished feedlot cattle have a much lower “carbon footprint” than the grass-fed, all natural, or organic beef favored by the elitists of today. Dairy cattle in CAFO’s on high yield rations utilizing all available technology have a startlingly lower carbon footprint than all pastured or grass fed herds as well.

We are being told to plan on feeding 2 times as many people (9 billion) two to three times as much food within the next 40 years while needing to use less land and water to do it. With so many people trying to hold us back, let’s not help them in their quest. As we run around like “Chicken Little” trying to put NAEMS air sniffing machines everywhere to try to prove to ourselves and our government that we are not destroying the planet, we really need to consider the whole picture. Let’s put a few machines in the cornfields and alfalfa fields that feed our herds. My guess is that the oxygen making, carbon storing abilities of these crops would probably negate most or all of the supposed carbon effects of the targeted livestock. Anyone who has watched a cornfield grow from a few bags of seed to several thousand tons of corn silage within 3 months understands that Mother Nature has her recycling plan working pretty well!

6 CO2 + 6H2O + sunlight = C6H12O6 + 6O2
carbon + water + energy = sugar, starch (food) + oxygen

THIS IS THE EQUATION FOR PLANT PHOTOSYNTHESIS! It is happening daily on your farm!

The simple solution for the people in the environmental movement who really want to help the world survive and prosper but are simply misguided is to take a refresher course in Biology. The others who want to use the global warming issue as an excuse for a power grab and wealth redistribution need to Get Out of Our Way! We farmers have a job to do!