Dairy Producers of New Mexico
President's Letter
Luke Woelber
April, 2012

I would like to continue my previous Udder Report article concerning education, but with a twist. Like most households, at some point during the day, I find myself watching the local news for a couple reasons. Mostly I watch to see what the weatherman thinks it might be like for the next couple of days so I can plan accordingly. I also watch just to try to keep up a little bit with what is going on in the world off the dairy. Last month, the media blew up about a product known as “Pink Slime.” I listened for a couple of days and became so bothered by the various claims of what it is, I had to find out what it truly is. The media made claims that it is anything from floor sweepings in a slaughter house to pieces of meat being pulled from the trash. All their claims ended with the claim that it was pumped full of ammonia for some reason.

After doing about five minutes of research to find out what “Pink Slime” really is, I was shocked at how the media had portrayed it. If they had just typed “Pink Slime” into their favorite search engine on the internet they would have had more appropriate information to present to the public to educate them correctly. Now the controversy has resulted in the shutting down of operations and the loss of hundreds of jobs.

I use this only as an example of what can happen in our industry. If one of our favorite friends from PETA, HSUS, or any other group claiming they are advocating for animals was to go to the media, the media would probably, and has, run stories with incorrect information that incites the public. Don’t get me wrong…the media is an important tool for our industry. It is a great vehicle to get our story out and to advertise our products. However, we just have to make sure the information presented by them is factual and correct. So I encourage you, as a producer, to do what you can to correctly educate the public on what we do in agriculture and the dairy industry to help feed our nation.

I hope everyone had a great Easter holiday. I look forward to seeing you this summer in Ruidoso at the DPNM Annual Convention/Trade Show and Golf Tournament July 20-21.