Dairy Producers of New Mexico
President's Letter
Allen G. Squire
April, 2009

Sharon, Beverly, Gerry Greathouse, Ryan Miltner, my son Bill and I just returned from a short and interesting trip to Washington, D.C. We saw all five of our U.S. Delegation. The most interest we received was concerning the Pecos Valley Biomass Project and Gerry really did a great job of promoting the project. We also touched on immigration reform, TB and milk prices. It appears to me that most of our newer delegation are on a fast track with the new congressional majority to do as many things as possible in a short period of time. This is probably not going to be good for our dairy business or for a lot of other American businesses.

One of the places we visited was the Library of Congress. Bill and I spent most of our time in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence Room. I think that many of our elected officials need to review these documents prior to making more laws.

A very exciting development for our whole industry recently was the legislative action taken on by the Dairy Industry Group for Clean Environment (DIGCE), a group of dairymen from Clovis and Portales. They were fed up with the New Mexico Environment Department and their ever changing and more burdensome rules and regulations on each and every new discharge permit. So what did they do? They went on the offensive! With the assistance of DPNM’s attorney, T.J. Trujillo, they formulated SB 206 limiting the WQCC authority thus changing the rulemaking authority of the WQCC and thus the environment department. What this means to us is that suddenly the dairymen will have direct input on rules and regulations governing the NMED permits that we’ve all fought with for years with still alot of work to do. Kudos and a huge thank you to the entire DIGCE group. Also a huge thank you to all who participated in pushing this bill through, including Sharon, Beverly, T.J. Trujillo and Walter Bradley.

This should show us that it is possible to stand up and fight back when our government begins to over reach its constitutional authority. I believe that we all need to get fax numbers and phone numbers and email addresses for our whole delegation and start telling them now that they need to represent us not just do what they want to do. Do it every week or every month. They need to hear from us. Tell them that global warming may not exist at all. Don’t drive out businesses including ours just because a few “green folks” say the earth is warming and the “sky is falling.” Kaye has all the numbers, so call DPNM’s office and get the list from her.

At the Air Quality Symposium in Albuquerque last week it was shown that the current dairy herd in America has half of the carbon footprint of the historic buffalo herds that roamed the west in the 1800’s.

Once again I want to thank and congratulate Sharon Lombardi, Beverly Fikse, Kaye Dunnahoo and Susan Curry for a job well done. They are highly regarded by others and are largely responsible for the respect given to DPNM in Santa Fe and Washington, D.C. They are as passionate about their work and the dairy industry as we are. They really “ride for the brand.” Thank you, girls!

I also want to thank my wife, Linda, who is not only my life partner but my business partner in the dairy. She has made it possible for me to devote the time necessary this last year to be president of Dairy Producers of New Mexico. Thank you, Linda!