Dairy Producers of New Mexico
President's Letter
Gary Bonestroo
April, 2007

Greetings to everyone. Hope this letter finds you well. It is apparent that my welcoming of spring was immature, with the rain, snow, hail, wind and worst of all the tornadoes. Fortunately, we only had one fatality, so it could have been a lot worse. I am extremely proud of the dairymen in New Mexico and West Texas for pulling together with the organization from Randy Bouldin of Portales Livestock Auction to have a benefit heifer sale. The sale raised $139,210 for Grande Vida Dairy which was literally blown away. Sixty-one heifers were donated by more than 35 dairymen. Funds were donated from all the sales commissions, feed, labor, etc. Other cash donations were also made from other businesses and organizations, such as DPNM. Things do go easier when we work together and we all worked together on this one. So, thanks.

I was fortunate to attend the Penn State Dairy Alliance Management Program. It was an East meets West conference with twelve dairy producers from NM and six from Penn State. It was a great upper level management training course. Once again, I saw how we have a lot in common with dairymen from other states, and how we need to keep communicating together for the success of the dairy industry in the future. I would advise attending any upcoming events.

With the lead of Sharon, DPNM had one great victory in the recent legislative session in Santa Fe. This is an elimination of the gross receipts tax on sales of veterinary services, medicine, medical supplies. Also, the existing 50 percent gross receipts tax deduction for agricultural implements was expanded so now “agricultural implement” means a tool, utensil or instrument that is: (a) designed to irrigate agricultural crops above ground or below ground at the place where the crop is grown. As always, DPNM works hard for you, to keep money in your pocket. If you need more information, call Sharon. She will send out a notice about it as soon as she gets word from NM Taxation and Revenue Department on what we need to do to receive these deductions.

Special thanks to our United Dairy Women for hosting an outstanding golf tournament on April 21 in Clovis in honor of Doug and Debbie Idsinga. It was a great time of golf and fellowship, while raising money for charities. So, thank you to United Dairy Women, particularly Michelle Heavyside. Michelle is the outgoing president and has done an outstanding job raising our image.

I would like to take time to congratulate all the graduating seniors. The future is what you make it. Make the best of it in work and play. Keep God by your side. It will make life better. Good Luck.