Dairy Producers of New Mexico
President's Letter
Ted Boersma
April, 2004

This month I would like to take some time and space to express my thanks both personally and on behalf of DPNM to Sharon. She has spent the last ten years letting DPNM become like family to her. Not only does she know most of our names but she has also made the effort to learn about many of our individual families as well. I share this because it is important to realize how personal so many of the debates and issues have become to Sharon. When she enters into a room knowing the outcome will have an effect on “her” producers and their families, she is not present just for discussion sake but to protect and to serve.

I am also thankful that she has not taken it upon herself to be the “lone ranger” in establishing policy. I don’t know how many times I have been nearby and overheard her tell someone, “I won’t make that choice, but I will take it to my board and get back to you on it.” When issues in this ever-changing industry arise, Sharon is quick to respond and encourage us to step out and take the lead. However she cannot do it alone. We have a great staff in Kaye and Susan, to whom I would also like to say thank you to, but it takes each one of us being involved.

I appreciate those of you who have served and are serving on the board and various committees such as the new or re-established environmental committee. To you who call, email or write with topics that you feel are important to be addressed, I also say thank you. To those who may think we are spinning our wheels in the wrong direction, get involved with your director and your district. Call and offer to sit on a committee to help redirect but please don’t drop out or just sit back and complain. DPNM is your organization and you have every right to be involved and have a say.

Thanks again, Sharon, for all you do.