Dairy Producers of New Mexico
President's Letter
Luke Woelber
November, 2013

Itís that time of the year, temperatures are starting to drop, leaves are changing colors and chants of trick or treat fill the air. That statement seems to sum up many things that are going on right now from the state to the federal level. Whether it is the Right to Farm Act here in the state, the Affordable Healthcare Act, Farm Bill, or Immigration Reform on the federal level, we donít seem to know whether it will be a trick or a treat.

It seems lawmakers have finally set down to try and hammer out a Farm Bill while glitches are being worked out of the healthcare marketplace website. Immigration reform is still being tossed around and from what I can see, the holdup is not the grand scope of the bill but how fast the immigrants can become citizens. In my opinion, citizenship is probably not what worries most immigrants but rather the ability to provide for their families without the fear of deportation.

Closer to home, the ladies in the office are working to impress the importance of the Right to Farm Act to legislators. Letís hope they understand the importance of agriculture to our state.

As always, thank you for your support of DPNM, and letís hope we donít get more tricks than treats.