Dairy Producers of New Mexico
DPNM Mission Statement

Dairy Producers of New Mexico (DPNM) is a grassroots agriculture association for New Mexico and West Texas dairy producers. DPNM is an advocate for dairy producers. DPNM acts as the liaison for dairy producers on all levels of government-local, state and national. DPNM's Board of Directors comprises 12 producers elected by their constituents. DPNM also provides education to its members through a monthly newsletter, informational mailings and seminars.

New Mexico has approximately 135 dairies, with the largest average herd size (2357) in the nation. New Mexico is currently ranked 9th in the nation for milk production and 5th in the nation for cheese production.

The dairy industry in New Mexico has brought significant economic benefits to the state. According to New Mexico State University (NMSU), the average New Mexico dairy produces 44 million pounds of milk per year, worth an estimated 5.8 million dollars. For more information go to the NMSU Dairy Extension Website at "http://dairy.nmsu.edu."

DPNM works closely with environmental advisors and local and regional environmental regulators to formulate environmentally protective, sensible, and efficient operating procedures to enable the industry to produce affordable dairy products including liquid milk, butter, cheese, and powdered milk.